Press Play to Save Ep145: ALL THE GAMES Edition

posted by Corey Wilson

I hope you like GAMES because it’s all about said games this week – all the games we’ve been playing, and you may just be surprised at some new titles… except Chris, of course. He plays games into the ground.

Title Wanted – Inquire Within | Fly Casual Episode 105 | Your Star Wars Podcast

posted by Michael Archbold

In this episode of the Fly Casual Podcast, we talked about a bunch of stuff that Mike forgot to type into the show notes. Couldn’t you just DIE?! Anyway, I’m sure it was great. I was totally there. I remember laughing. I also remember it not being as bad as the last episode, so HOLD ON TO YOUR EAR PANTS, CUZ IT’S ON!

Press Play to Save Ep144: Party’s Over – Hugventure edition

posted by Corey Wilson

You like misery? Well then tune in for TWO BUNDLE ROULETTE REVIEWS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE… which is still free… because math. Add some trivia poker, and it’s another PPtS!

Siftin’ Through the Trash | Fly Casual Episode 104 | Your Star Wars Podcast

posted by Michael Archbold

n this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, the boys lament the passing Kenny Baker and Michael Leader, Anthony Daniels shows how “Anthony Daniels” he really is, Natalie Portman stops by Pinewood Studios, and John Boyega does podcasts, but only the reputable ones. In toys Garrick discusses new Rogue One figures and Hasbro Black Series additions. All this and not much more on this week’s Fly Casual.

Galactic War 4 Dummies by Dummies

posted by Garrick Hardy

Behold! Another episode of the “wildly popular” 4 dummies series for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. This time Sancho Panda of the Fantastic Justice Squad Super Wonder Brother Friends podcast and Fly Casual’s own Garrick “Not J” Hardy give you the best possible tips to pwn the vile Galactic War, well at least the first half… Check […]

Press Play to Save Ep143: Broken Promises Edition

posted by Corey Wilson

Trivia Poker is BACK and convoluted as ever! Brett and Chris are battling it out, but Howie starts a potential comeback! Also returning is Diaries of an Innocent Gamer before Chris gets to, nay HAS TO review Fran Bow for Bundle Roulette!

Bodega is Autocorrect for Boyega | Fly Casual Episode 103 | Your Star Wars Podcast

posted by Michael Archbold

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, we review the penultimate issue of Marvel Comics’ Darth Vader, all before getting hot and syrupy on the rumor train, with potential Rogue One, Ep8, AND Han Solo leaks!

97.6% Chance of Failure | Fly Casual Episode 102 | Your Star Wars Podcast

posted by Michael Archbold

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, the Rogue One Trailer drops and Corey gives his raw reaction. Mike talks Rogue One reshoots, Star Wars TV, and Lando in the Han Solo spinoff. Garrick wraps San Diego Comic Con and Rogue Friday Despite a 97.6% chance of failure, it’s time once again to Fly Casual.

Press Play to Save Ep142: Don’t Drive and Pokémon

posted by Corey Wilson

It’s all Pokémon Go this week! We’ve played a lot, and we go pretty deep. Niantic’s all over the place with functionality and updates, so we plant a flag and discuss!

Lightsaber Geocaching | Fly Casual Episode 101 | Your Star Wars Podcast

posted by Michael Archbold

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, we do reviews, we do rumors, and we do’em hard! Garrick hits Marvel Darth Vader 23, Star Wars 21 and Garrick and Howie review Aftermath: Life Debt. In rumors, Mike talks new trilogy rumors, JJ Abrams suggests a prequel, and Gareth Edwards discusses Rogue One. Put your iPhone down and leave the Pokemon be. It is time to Fly Casual.