Fly Casual is the ultimate Star Wars Podcast for the latest news, toys, and rumors

Fly Casual, The Ultimate Star Wars Podcast

Fly Casual is your Star Wars Podcast for news, toys, rumors, and a bit of fun.

“Fly Casual, is the ultimate Star Wars podcast”

#fortheloveofpod Corey, Mike, Garrick, and Stephen’s discussions and banter will, if nothing else, entertain while they bring you up-to-date on everything going on Star Wars. With a fantastic toy report and special guests, they still find time to talk in-depth on EU and more. Sit back and relax… or don’t, either way you’ll want more every other week!

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Latest Episode:

Ep8: The Chiss Sith

In this episode of Fly Casual we explore A New Dawn of ultimate collecting, concept art, and the Hulk?  We don’t know where Corey has hidden himself, but we still give you the latest News, Toy Report, and Rumors.

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Fly Casual is your podcast for the latest Star Wars news, reviews, rumors and even a toy report.