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Fly Casual: Star Wars without the Carbonite Aftertaste

Fly Casual is a weekly podcast that brings you our take on the Star Wars universe.  With two show styles, News/Collectibles and Reviews/Rumors, there is something for everyone.  Fly Casual is not afraid to go into the dark corners and doesn’t shy away from tough topics.  In depth discussion and commentary is informative but don’t worry, a sprinkling of good fun will keep you on your toes.  The occasional special guest, real or not, is thrown in for good measure.  Fly Casual is the perfect podcast to tickle your ear hairs.  You might laugh.  You might cry.  You will be entertained.

“Fly Casual, is the ultimate Star Wars podcast” – #fortheloveofpod

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Latest Episode:

Fly Casual Ep11: Jedi Street Rat

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, friend-of-the-show Steve Petrie stops by for a visit. The crew give their two-cents on “A New Dawn” and  the “Star Wars Rebels” premier and episode 1 as well as all the insane, if not likely, rumors circling the net regarding Episode VII.

Fly Casual is your podcast for the latest Star Wars news, reviews, rumors and even a toy report.